The Secret of Winning Every Fight in Battle Cats Game

21 Jul

The battle cats game is most interesting when you can figure out a way to always win. Well that is not entirely true. Why? Because lets fact the fact. Nobody can always achieve a one hundred percent win all the time in a game. There are days and times you will lose some. Here we are not entirely concern with you losing in Battle cats game. Our concern is in you winning more than your loses.

For us here, we have managed to figure out ways that you can always win in the game. And that strategy for winning more that you lose is what we will be sharing in this article today. So, if that sounds like something you do be interested in learning then stick with us to the end. We promise that it will be well worth your time. Especially for those of you that want to really improve your battle cats gaming skills.

How to Always Win in Battle Cats

The trick to secure your Battle Cats high win rate is easy and simple to master. You do not need any special skills. Moreover, it requires very little of your time to deploy it. Follow us along as we outline the necessary steps that must be followed to get your end result. These Battle Cats strategies are not different from what is obtainable at

Keep Your Army of Cats Well-Fed

You must ensure that at all times, your cats are well-fed. By ‘well-fed’ we are not referring to over feeding your cats. If you do so, it will only result in cats that are too lazy to lift their paws. So, you want to really ensure that your cats are not over fed and at the same time not under-fed.

When the time comes in the game for your cats to fire the cannon, you want ensure that your cats will be ready for the task. Why? Because, most times the chances of succeeding and winning in the game depends on how fast your cats can respond to an attack.

As you may have figured out, a slow responds will ultimately led to countless defeat. But if you train your cats well and fed them well, then chances of fast responses will be high. And to that end, your cat will always do well in battle.

Battle Cats XP

Battle Cats XP is another resource you never run out of in at any time. For someone that has been playing Battle Cats, you know the importance of XP. On that note, always ensure that your stocks for battle Cats XP are replenished.

Use Gaming Phone

We are not going to dwell more on the type of phone you should be using. We already covered it extensively in our previous post about the best gaming phone for Call of Duty Mobile. You check it up in case you have not read about it already.

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